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Online Defensive Driving Course

The Defensive Driving Course Online Version is based on the same content used in the National Safety Council’s instructor-led Defensive Driving Course, the most widely used driver safety program in the world.

Individual retail price: $49.94

Distracted Driving Online Course

The 90-minute Distracted Driving Online course is designed to change drivers’ attitudes related to distracted driving so that they pledge to stop texting, stop talking on their cell phone, and stop checking/responding to e-mails while driving.

Course price: $37.44

safety serve safe driving modules

Safe Driving Modules

Nine 20-minute modules featuring high-quality video, 3D animations, and a high level of interactivity addressing specific dangerous driving situations and behaviors.

Course price: $12.44

safety serve professional truck driving

Professional Truck Driver

The NSC Professional Truck Driver Online Program is based on the same proven content as the National Safety Council’s eight-hour instructor-led course. Featuring state-of-the-art animations and graphics, the Professional Truck Driver Online program provides a comprehensive and engaging learning experience where students analyze real driving situations, spot driving hazards and identify the correct defenses.

Course price: $49.94

safetyserve nemtac cts course

NEMTAC Certified Transport Specialist 2.0

The CTS course helps NEMT drivers gain the knowledge and professional skills necessary to provide effective care to the passengers they transport each day.

Course Price: $89.00