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Why SafetyServe?

SafetyServe proudly delivers the nation’s most trusted driver safety training courses for commercial fleets. Backed by 20 years of partnership with the National Safety Council (NSC), SafetyServe’s driver training programs help customers reduce risk of driver accidents, save money on costs of liability, and improve productivity.

Explore our Courses

Defensive Driving

Keep your employees safe on the road, on and off the job by decreasing the risk of motor vehicle collisions and traffic violations.

Distracted Driving

Overcome one of the greatest threats to your employee’s safety with training that will help them to recognize the risky behaviors and attitudes which lead to distracted driving.

Certified Transport Specialist

The nation’s first national certification program for the NEMT professional. Upon completion of the CTS course, the NEMT professional will be nationally certified for two years.

Professional Truck Driver

Educate your drivers on the most common causes of truck-related crashes to help lower fleet insurance premiums, workers’ compensation and accident claims.

Your Corporate Online Training made easy.

SafetyServe’s Online Training Center is a platform that simplifies access to training, engages employees and provides real-time feedback to improve employee performance, and reduces time and resources for administration. Your Online Training Center provides your organization peace-of-mind and reassurance that your training records are safe and secure with SafetyServe.

Connect to your Online Training Center: customize with your company logo, personalized welcome page and registration fields per your specific requirements. FREE with orders of 100+ licenses.

Train employees with best-in-class courses: features adaptive curriculum, speed sensing technology, highest quality videos and 3D animations, intuitive navigation and convenient bookmarking, narration and closed-captioning.

Manage your training center with ease: schedule and track course progress, generate assessment reports, and issue printable certificates immediately upon completion. To take advantage of these options, please reach out to our sales team before purchasing online training.

In partnership with the National Safety Council, America’s leading nonprofit safety advocate for 100 years.

See why so many companies have trusted SafetyServe and its Online Training Center platform for all of their driver training requirements.

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