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Over 8,000 corporate, government agencies and other
organizations train their employees and fleet drivers with
SafetyServe’s NSC approved courses.

  • Driving strategies to reduce motor vehicle collisions
  • Driver’s responsibility to choose safe driving behaviors
  • The effects of drugs, alcohol, physical and mental conditions
  • How to deal with distracted, aggressive and fatigued driving
  • Conditions that impact driving and how to control them
  • Full length (4-hour) and Abridged (2-hour) versions available
  • Available in English and Spanish

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  • The risks, dangers and consequences of cell phone use while driving
  • The science of distracted driving and myths about multitasking
  • The impact of distracted driving, financial and legal ramifications, state and federal laws
  • Full length (90 minutes) and Abridged (45 minutes) versions available

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  • Single topic training covering the most common driving errors
  • Approximately 20 minutes in length
  • Topics include:
    • Speed Management
    • Avoiding Impaired Driving
    • Avoiding Fatigue Driving
    • Lane Management
    • Backing and Parking Lot Strategies
    • Avoiding Aggressive Driving
    • Intersections
    • Avoiding Fixed Objects (Utility and Service Fleets)
    • Weather and Road Conditions

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  • Focus on driver’s responsibility to choose safe driving behaviors
  • Collision prevention through hazard recognition
  • Physical and mental conditions that can affect truck drivers
  • How to deal with distracted, aggressive and fatigued driving
  • Best practices for backing, turning, passing, managing following distances and more

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