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Arkansas - District Court of Craighead County

Defensive Driving Course

This course is for the sole use of traffic violators who have been mandated by Craighead County District Court to complete this online Defensive Driving Course.
This course is available in both English and Spanish.

Defensive Driving Course Take this course if you have received a traffic citation and have been ordered to take the National Safety Council online Defensive Driving program. You must provide a copy of the certificate to the Craighead County District Court. It is your responsibility to complete this course within the time frame provided by the court.

Curso de Manejo Defensivo Tome este curso si ha recibido una citacion de trafico y si tiene una orden de tomar el curso DDC online de National Safety Council. Debe de proveer una copia del certificado a Craighead County District Court, es su responsabilidad de completar este curso en el lapso del tiempo provisto por la corte.
Safety Serve Course

Driving Course


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If you are insured by GEICO or Amica, please click here for additional information.

Defensive Driving Course Outline:


It’s All About Choices

  • Explain what it means to be a defensive driver.
  • Define reasonable action and preventable collision.
  • Determine your driving profile.
  • List the three basic steps in the Defensive Driving Course Collision Prevention Formula
  • Explain the ‘What if?’ strategy.

Ready For The Road

  • List the factors that you can control before you start to drive, including your own physical and emotional/mental conditions, as well as vehicle maintenance.
  • Describe the varying physical, emotional and mental conditions of other drivers on the road.
  • Explain how to be alert and defensive when sharing the road with these drivers.
  • Explain how to drive defensively in conditions beyond your control—such as light, weather, road conditions and traffic mix.

Don’t Add Insult To Injury

  • Describe the characteristics of impaired, distracted, fatigued and aggressive drivers.
  • Identify actions you can take when you experience or encounter these characteristics on the road.
  • Employ techniques to manage your emotions and behavior while driving.

Success On The Road

  • List the six most unsafe driving behaviors.
  • Describe the hazards involved with each of the unsafe driving behaviors.
  • List alternatives to speeding.
  • Explain how to safely approach and proceed through intersections.
  • Explain how to make safe and legal turns.
  • Explain the steps needed to complete a safe pass.
  • Determine a safe following distance.

Collision Proofing

  • Apply the Defensive Driving Course Collision Prevention Formula.
  • Explain the ‘What If?’ strategy.
  • Recognize the hazards in collision scenarios.
  • Identify standard road signs colors and shapes.
  • Identify reasonable steps that might have prevented real-life collisions.

Driving For Life

  • List the ten habits of defensive driving.
  • Identify personal behaviors and decisions you will make in future driving situations to avoid collisions and violations.

Be a safer driver in Arkansas with the all new
National Safety Council Defensive Driving Course

The National Safety Council Defensive Driving Course (DDC) Online is an effective four hour online driver safety training course and brings the time-tested content and acclaimed videos from its flagship DDC classroom course into a convenient web-based format. It dos not have to be completed at one time.

The National Safety Council is a nonprofit established in 1913 and chartered by the U.S. Congress with the mission of saving lives and preventing injuries on our roads, in our homes, at work, and in our communities.

This course delivers leading-edge content by presenting real-life driving situations and motivating drivers to change their behind-the-wheel behaviors and attitudes. Through instructional advancements, computer-generated animation and adaptive interactivity, participants analyze real driving situations, spot driving hazards and identify/execute the correct defenses. The convenient bookmark feature offers the ability to log in and out of the course as often as you like to accommodate your schedule and to work at your own pace anywhere there is a computer with internet.


Can I take the defensive driving course for an insurance discount and/or ticket dismissal? This course is for the sole use of traffic violators who have been mandated by the Craighead County District Court to complete this program.

How long is the course? The course is 4+ hours. It does not have to be taken all at one time. You can login with your username and password at anytime to access the course.

How long do I have to complete the course? The program will expire within 60 days for traffic offenders. It is your responsibility to complete it by the due date given to you by Craighead County District Court.

Certificate Process

Upon completion of the Defensive Driving Course the student will be able to print a personalized Certificate of Completion from the National Safety Council. As a condition of sentencing by the Judge, the student will need to present the Certificate of Completion in person to court personnel by the date ordered by the Judge.

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