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Defensive Driving Course

  • Approved by the Indiana BMV
  • 4-point Credit on Driving Record
  • Satisfy a Court Order
  • Avoid License Suspension
  • Completion electronically transmitted to BMV*
Indiana Driver Safety Program

Defensive Driving Course


No Hidden Fees

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Defensive Driving Course Outline:

What is in it for me?

  • Explain what it means to be a defensive driver.
  • Define reasonable action and preventable collision.
  • Determine your driving profile.
  • List the three basic steps in the Defensive Driving Course Collision Prevention Formula.
  • Explain the ‘What if?’ strategy.

Ready for the Road

  • List the factors that you can control before you start to drive, including your own physical and emotional/mental conditions, as well as your vehicle maintenance.
  • Describe the varying physical, emotional and mental conditions of other drivers on the road.
  • Explain how to be alert and defensive when sharing the road with these drivers.
  • Explain how to drive defensively in conditions beyond your control---- such as light, weather, road conditions and traffic mix.

Don’t add Insult to Injury

  • Describe the characteristics of impaired, distracted, fatigued and aggressive drivers.
  • Identify actions you can take when you experience or encounter these characteristics on the road.
  • Employ techniques to manage your emotions and behavior while driving.

Success on the Road

  • List the six most unsafe driving behaviors.
  • Describe the hazards involved with each of the unsafe driving behaviors.
  • List alternatives to speeding.
  • Explain how to safely approach and proceed through intersections.
  • Explain how to make safe and legal turns.
  • Explain the steps needed to complete a safe pass.
  • Determine a safe following distance.

Collision Proofing

  • Apply the Defensive Driving Course Collision Prevention Formula.
  • Explain the ‘What If?’ strategy.
  • Recognize hazards in collision scenarios.
  • Identify standard road sign colors and shapes.
  • Identify reasonable steps that might have prevented real-life collisions.

Driving for Life

  • List the ten habits of defensive driving.
  • Identify personal behaviors and decisions that you will make in future driving situations to avoid collisions and violations.

Driving in Indiana: Objectives

  • Identify the types of Indiana BMV credentials
  • Explain the Indiana Point System and driver safety laws
  • Define the benefits of a Driver Safety Program
  • Classify the consequences of operating without insurance under the Indiana Financial Responsibility Law
  • Summarize the causes and consequences of driver license suspensions
  • Explain the Habitual Traffic Violator law
  • Identify the steps to take during a routine traffic stop and reporting a crash
  • Obtain your Indiana Driving Record

National Safety Council Indiana Driver Safety Program. Reduce Points and Lower Insurance Premiums Today!

Congratulations! The Indiana BMV has approved the NSC Online Driver Safety Program (DSP). State law provides that persons convicted of two or more traffic offenses within a 12-month period may be required to complete a BMV-approved Driver Safety Program (DSP). Individuals under 21 years of age are required to complete a DSP if, they are convicted of two or more traffic offenses, involved in two or more accidents, or a combination of the two. When the BMV is notified of these convictions, a DSP course must be completed within 90 days or driving privileges will be suspended. Notification of this requirement is mailed from the BMV. A court may also require an individual to complete a DSP course and use this requirement as an alternative to suspension of driving privileges; however, the court order may not specifically require participation in a BMV-approved DSP.

Any Indiana driver can take a DSP course. The BMV will apply a 4 point credit to an Indiana Official Driver Record for successful completion of a BMV-approved DSP. The credit may only be applied once every three years. However, if an additional course is completed, the time period of the credit will be extended for three years from the new course completion date.

*Certificate Process

Upon successful completion of the course, your information will be electronically transmitted to the Indiana BMV. You may check with the BMV within 7-10 business days after you complete your course to make sure everything has been processed. Please be aware that it can take up to 10 business days for the BMV to process your completion. Your license may be suspended if you do not complete your course on time.
*If you are taking a course to satisfy a court order, you must also deliver your certificate to your court.
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