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Distracted Driving
Online Course

  • Learn the science of distracted driving, cognitive distractions and myths about multitasking
  • A self-assessment customizes the course with appropriate scenarios, activities and content
  • Includes videos, animation and full course narration
  • Volume pricing available
distracted driving

Driving Course


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"92% of course participants
indicate they plan to modify their
use of cell phones while driving
in post-course survey."

According to the National Safety Council’s Injury Facts, the three biggest causes of fatalities on the road are, distracted driving alcohol and speeding.
Using a cell phone while driving makes it four times as likely that you’ll crash - while using either handheld or hands-free devices. The cost to employers of distracted driving crashes is high – not just in lives lost, healthcare costs, and vehicle repair costs, but in the millions of dollars paid out in liability cases. The annual cost of crashes caused by cell phone use is estimated at $43 billion or approximately $120 million every single day of the year (*Harvard Center for Risk Analysis).

"The 90-minute Distracted
Driving Online course
is designed to change
drivers' attitudes related
to distracted driving"

With a high level of user interactivity, dynamic content that adapts to the driver’s profile and interactive responses, full motion videos, animations, full course narration, and closed captioning throughout the course, the 90-minute Distracted Driving Online course is designed to change drivers’ attitudes related to distracted driving so that they pledge to stop texting, stop talking on their cell phone, and stop checking/responding to text or Social Media while driving.


Distracted Driving Course

If an organization purchases 100 or more ID's, Safety-Serve will set up your own co-branded site featuring your company logo, similar to the demo site shown here. Your Distracted Driving site could be accessed via a secure link from your corporate web site if so desired. There are lots of options depending on your company and system requirements.

We look forward to working with you and your team.

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