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NSC First Aid, CPR, & AED
Online Course

  • Designed using extensive research and educational testing
  • Includes basic life support, bleeding and wound care, and treatment for shock, burns, and sudden illnesses
  • Educational component for OSHA compliance when coupled with NSC Skill testing.*
  • Volume pricing available
Safety Serve First Aid and CPR AED course

NSC First Aid,


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First Aid, CPR & AED Online Course ContentNational Safety CouncilAmerican Heart AssociationAmerican Red Cross
Meets OSHA Best Practices Guide: Fundamentals of a Workplace First Aid ProgramYesNoNo
Course is available in SpanishYesNoNo
AED use
NSC Best Practice!
NSC goes beyond the Best Practices Guide by including 2-person AED use.
Covers the following injuries: Dislocations, muscle cramps and strainsYes
NSC Best Practice!
NSC goes beyond the OSHA best practices to include broken ribs, sucking chest wounds and abdominal injuries.
Allergic reactions to poison ivy, oak and sumacYes
NSC Best Practice!
NSC goes beyond the Best Practices Guide to include this.
How to triage in a mass casualty incidentYesNoYes
Child and infant CPR and AEDYesNoNo
No AED content for child and infants.
Final examYes
Students must pass in two attempts with a score of at least 80%.
Students must pass in two attempts with a score of at least 80%.
In-depth skills testingYes
Tests 13 skills
Tests only 6 skills
Customized screen images to reflect the student's environment (school, office, manufacturing, etc.)YesNoNo
Pages are designed to effectively deliver online contentYes
Content is laid out to facilitate learning and retention, with 4-color photography, animations, progressive disclosure and easy page navigation.
Design is identical to student textbook, with static pages, small fonts and limited animations
Contains 4-color photos and is easy to navigate, but the screen size is small and screen design cluttered.
Every lesson includes video contentYes
Video is featured in each lesson, PLUS additional video demonstrations for maximum retention.
There is no video content, only photographs.
Interactive learning componentsYes
Includes review questions throughout each lesson and film-based scenarios.
Includes review questions and written scenarios at the end of each segment.