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Learning to drive defensively just got easier.
Online Defensive Driving

Defensive driving is easier and more economical because the National Safety Council and SafetyServe have developed an updated online defensive driving course based on proven content from the prestigious National Safety Council. Since 1964 more than 75 million drivers have learned to protect themselves and their families with courses featuring the most comprehensive, in-depth driver training curriculum based on the instructor-led courses from the NSC.

Defensive Driving Course Outline:

It’s All About Choices

  • Define “defensive driving”
  • Explain what it means to be a defensive driver
  • Define “reasonable action” and “preventable collisions”
  • Determine your personal driving profile
  • Driving attitudes and behaviors
  • List the basic steps in the DDC Collision Prevention Formula
  • Explain the “What if?” strategy.

Ready For The Road

  • Recognize how age and other physical, emotional, and mental conditions may affect your driving and driving of others
  • Explain the defensive driving techniques you can use to control or compensate for those conditions in yourself and other drivers
  • List the vehicle equipment that you should check before driving or at regular intervals
  • Explain the critical importance of occupant protection systems and how they are safely used, including special considerations for children
  • Explain how to drive defensively in conditions beyond your control—such as light, weather, road conditions and traffic mix

Don’t Add Insult To Injury

  • Describe the characteristics of impaired, distracted, fatigued and aggressive drivers
  • Identify the actions you can take when you experience or encounter these characteristics on the road
  • Employ techniques to manage your emotions and behavior while driving

Success On The Road

  • List the six most unsafe driving behaviors
  • Describe the hazards involved with each of the unsafe driving behaviors
  • List alternatives to speeding
  • Explain how to safely approach and proceed through intersections
  • Explain how to make safe and legal turns
  • Explain the steps needed to complete a safe pass
  • Determine a safe following distance

Collision Proofing

  • Apply the DDC Collision Prevention Formula
  • Explain the “What If” strategy
  • Recognize the hazards in collision scenarios
  • Identify standard road signs, colors and shapes
  • Identify reasonable steps that might have prevented real-life collisions

Driving For Life

  • List the ten habits of defensive driving
  • Identify personal behaviors and decisions you will make in future driving situations to avoid collisions and violations
defensive driving online course

A Mobile Responsive, Hi-Quality, Hi-Tech Course

The Defensive Driving Course uses state-of-the-art animation, sound and graphics in an engaging, interactive learning environment where students analyze real driving situations, spot driving hazards and identify and execute the correct defenses. The convenient bookmark feature offers the ability to log in and out of the course as often as you like to accommodate your schedule.

Certificate Process

A printable certificate will be available upon successful completion of your Course, you will be asked to verify your mailing address, once verified, a personalized official watermarked Certificate of Completion from the National Safety Council will be mailed to you the following business day. If you require your official certificate sooner please contact Customer Service at 800-775-1484 for alternate delivery

Certificate Process