insurance reduction

Insurance companies understand that educated drivers
avoid accidents and injuries, which means they can pass
significant savings to their customers.

Start Saving

Specific Insurance Providers have partnered with SafetyServe and the National Safety Council to provide lower auto insurance premiums to customers who have successfully completed the NSC Defensive Driving Course. Some states specifically mandate that insurance carriers offer these discounts if customers take a designated course.

To ensure that you register for the course that is right for you please select your Insurance Provider below. If your Insurance Provider isn’t listed below then please check eligibility with your Agent, click on ‘All Other’ and select your state.

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Participating Auto Insurance Providers

State Farm New York Insured
State Farm Insurance (All Other States)
Geico New York Insured
Geico Auto Insurance (All Other States)
Amica New York Insured
Amica Auto Insurance (All Other States)
All Other Insurance Providers

Remember that Auto Insurance Providers often provide discounts on a case-by-case basis.
Please check with your Insurance Provider to see if you qualify for a reduced premium.